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Kathleen C. Rayhawk, a Trusted Certified Public Accountant

The process involved in preparing tax returns is often confusing and time-consuming. You have to not only accurately report your income, expenses, and deductions but also keep yourself informed of the latest federal laws and regulations. If you want to submit a properly documented tax return, I am here to help.

I am a certified public accountant who has been in the business since 1981. Using my extensive industry knowledge and experience, I assist individuals and small businesses in preparing the necessary documents for tax purposes nationwide.

What Sets Me Apart

Breadth of Experience

Over the years, I have been providing my clients in New Orleans and throughout the U.S. with the best possible ways to address their concerns related to taxes or accounting in general.

Great Attention to Detail

I understand the need to protect the assets of my clients, so I carefully assess every document and make sure that they would be able to file accurate and complete tax returns on time.

First-Class Service

I am committed to delivering exceptional customer service. You can expect me to do whatever I can to promptly address your concerns and assist you in all of your tax-related problems.

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Preventing you and your business from having IRS problems is one of my top priorities. You can count on me to lend my accounting expertise on any tax concern you may have. Send me an email today, and I will give you a price list. My services are available in all 50 U.S. states.